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  • Sound Advice Acquires Lafayette PC
    Lafayette, IN, April 11, 2014 -- Recently, Sound Advice acquired Lafayette PC, both based in Lafayette, to expand their service offerings primarily focused on the residential, small and medium busines...
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About Us

Sound Advice began as an idea in the 1970s that eventually people were going to want to have automated control of their home entertainment systems, a kind of “Jetsonesque” life-style, if you will. Many years of different job experiences all built to the culminating moment in 1991 when Rodney Cowden, owner and President of Sound Advice, Inc., turned to his wife Chris and said, “It’s time for me to try something new and different and I think I have just the right idea.”

With nothing but a small savings, one older model van and a corner of their family room, the Cowdens started Sound Advice, Inc. out of their home, introducing the Lafayette area to the new and evolving custom audio/video industry. The business steadily grew from its beginning in 1991 and in 1993 the Cowdens opened their first studio/showroom, located on South Street in Lafayette. In 2005 they moved to their current location on Earl Ave.

2007 brought the next most significant change with the addition of computer services. Brian Messer added his expertise to the mix and has been steadily building a thriving computer services division for Sound Advice.