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    Lafayette, IN, April 11, 2014 -- Recently, Sound Advice acquired Lafayette PC, both based in Lafayette, to expand their service offerings primarily focused on the residential, small and medium busines...
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Not for Profit Services

Sound Advice is proud to provide technology and consulting services for non-profit organizations. Whether your church needs a new A/V system installed or your organization needs information on tech options, we have the experience and expertise to help.

When educating patrons, you want everyone in your audience to be able to properly hear and see what you are presenting. We have the technology and expertise to install a variety of systems in your place of worship. With guest wireless networking, your patrons will be able to access the Internet without comprising your organization’s security. We can reinforce your religious establishment’s audio system by strategically placing speakers, microphones, and video distribution devices that will make all sounds clear and all video visible. We can streamline your current system so all parts interact and run smoothly, without signal loss or distortion.  If a member of your organization runs all of your systems, we can provide support or advice when they are unavailable.

In addition to our comprehensive audio/video and network services, we can also create management systems that simplify your organization’s daily processes. Manage all system features from one convenient location and do not worry about numerous platforms. By having all of your organization’s important resources in one place, you will be able to organize information and services more efficiently.

We also provide consulting services for non-profits. Many organizations don’t know about all the resources available to them when it comes to technology. At Sound Advice, we can connect you to the people and organizations that provide tech products, services, and learning resources to places such nonprofits and libraries. We can educate you on your options and on how you can cut down on IT spending.

Get Started

At Sound Advice, we are dedicated to providing the best in products and services. If you are interested in our not for profit services, we would love to hear from you! Once you contact us, we will do some research to ensure that we can meet your specific organization’s needs. We will then meet with you to discuss all of your options.